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GRUBEE StarFire GT-2 48cc (All Black Engine, Covers & Head)

Retail Price: $309.00
Sale Price: $229.00
Buy GRUBEE StarFire GT-2 48cc (All Black Engine, Covers & Head)
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What others are saying about

I have been working & living at the SUNCOAST HAVEN OF REST RESCUE MISSION in Pinellas Park, FL. since 1998 & have been the Operations Manager since 2001. In the last 6 months, I began research into Bicycle Motor Kits, most of which varied in cost well over $200.

Since most of our mission clients are homeless & Now - TODAY ... JOBLESS, it is virtually impossible for them to justify or even consider an expense over $200 for their bicycles, which is their primary mode of transportation aside from walking.

I happened upon the GASBIKE Website the night following our Thanksgiving Day Holiday Meal & was absolutely amazed at the Black Friday Phone-In-Order Sale. I have since ordered 5 additional Kits, 4 of which I installed on Schwinn 26" Del Mar Beach Cruisers & sold for barely over costs.

My First/Personal/Prototype Unit now has over 200 miles on it. I have had Absolutely NO problems in ordering, receiving, installing or operating the 80cc Bike Motor Kits.

In Fact ... Dealing with the GASBIKE Personnel has been EXTREMELY PLEASANT as reflected in their POLITE & PROFESSIONAL Attitudes! The Motor Kits have been shipped properly & Handled with the Utmost Care! Mechanically the Motor & it's Assembly Parts are sound & dependable - CRANKS & RUNS FIRST TIME-EVERYTIME !!

The persons who purchased a complete Unit from me are EXTREMELY Pleased with it's Performance, Appearance AND Economy !! I have had absolutely NO complaints, problems OR returns ... only talk of wanting another Unit possibly in the near future for a friend or relative.

Personally, I am loyal to the GASBIKE Company for life as it is much too difficult to find such a Company & It's Employees who are so dedicated to the Customer & their Purchasing Experience! There are too many other companies out there with the only primary concern of getting you to spend your hard-earned money with them, then kicking-you-to-the-curb, so to speak. This is NOT the case with GASBIKE.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GASBIKE, Their Products & Services and Thank them for all their Excellent Help !


Russell A. Herring
Pinellas Park, FL. Price Alerts

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